Best Time to Visit Loire Valley

About Best Time to Visit the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley has a charm that attracts visitors to it all through the year. However, the best time to visit the Loire Valley is during the months of late spring, followed by the onset of the summer season here. This is when the valley is at its best, with lush greenery all around, a calm and pleasant weather and the many châteaux here welcoming visitors to explore their beauty.

It is during the months of mid-May to early June when you can enjoy a chance to fully soak in the best of what Loire Valley has to offer, from the beauty of the castles and the lush gardens, to the meadows and countryside filled with blooming flowers and an abundance of flora all around. With relatively lesser crowds during these months, and the next few months complete with numerous festivals, as well as light and fountain shows, the Loire Valley becomes a delightful place to visit.

Best Months To Visit Loire Valley

April & May

Ranked as some of the best time to visit the Loire Valley, the months of April and May make up the spring season in the region. It is during these months when the days begin to get longer, with temperatures averaging at around 20 degrees Celsius. The nights also get pleasant, with sporadic periods of rainfall. These months are perfect to indulge in various outdoor activities, including visiting the botanical gardens of the valley to catch sights of the blooming flowers.

June to September

The months from June to September make up the best time to visit the Loire Valley, as it is during this time when the weather is completely dry, with the average temperature being around 24 degrees Celsius. You can also experience the occasional rainfall during these months, which provide a relief from the otherwise sunny days. These months are great for outdoor enthusiasts, as you can enjoy a plethora of activities in the Loire Valley during this time, from cycling tours and picnics, to vineyard explorations and more.

October & November

When looking for the best time to visit the Loire Valley for an offbeat holiday, the months of October and November should be your choice. The temperatures during these months in the valley range between 12 to 17 degrees Celsius, with the occasional light frosts, and misty mornings. Life in the valley during the months of October and November is quite slow, yet very tranquil, thereby giving it an otherworldly charm and appeal. In addition to enjoying walks amongst the wild flowers decorating the gardens and roads, to the low rays of the sun offering respite from the crisp early winter cold, these months are great to enjoy a rather relaxed holiday in the Loire Valley.

December & March

The months from December to March have temperatures ranging between 8 to 11 degrees Celsius, making them the coldest months of the year in the Loire Valley. While this is not the best time to visit the Loire Valley, it still has an appeal of a different kind, wherein you can experience the heavy rainfall in the valley, fog covering the many castles and gardens here, and the locals heading to the hills to enjoy a camping experience, complete with crackling bonfires.

Things To Do At Loire Valley

Visit Loire Valley Chateaux

One of the best things to do at Loire Valley is to pay a visit to the many castles located here. There are more than 300 châteaux in the Loire Valley, all of which offer amazing insights into the rich history and heritage of this region, as well as that of the country. These castles are also considered to be the architectural heritage of the Loire Valley, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of the French royals who once resided here. Some of the best châteaux in the Loire Valley are the Château de Chambord, Château d'Angers, Château de Blois and Château de Cheverny, among others.

Explore Loire Valley Gardens

Amongst the top things to do at Loire Valley is exploring the many verdant and well-maintained gardens here, all of which are located in the different castle grounds, and were designed by landscape designers many centuries ago. The Loire Valley is popularly known as the Garden of France, owing to the fact that it is located in close proximity to the river, and has quite fertile soil, which makes it easy to grow different kinds of plants, flowers, vegetables as well as fruits here. One of the most famous French gardens in the Loire Valley is the garden of Chateau de Villandry. Additionally, it is also recommended to visit the Domaine du Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire, where the International Garden Festival is held every year.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ranked as one of the most unique things to do at Loire Valley is a hot air balloon ride, that takes you high up above the valley, and offers spectacular bird’s eye views of the magnificent castles down below. As you soar high up in the sky, you can soak in some of the most spectacular views of the dense forests, vineyards and the other different attractions, along with the most scenic sunrises and sunsets in the valley.

Take a Tour of Loire Valley Vineyards

Don’t forget to visit the vineyards of the Loire Valley during your visit here, which are famous all around the world for producing a wide array of wines. From Nantes to Sancerre, there are over 1000 vineyards in the Loire Valley, along with 400 accredited wine cellars, which make it perfect to enjoy vineyard tours, meeting the winemaker experiences, or even enjoying wine tasting.


Where is Loire Valley located?

The Loire Valley is located in central France, right in the middle of the River Loire stretch, between the regions of Centre Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire. It is located at a distance of around 207 kilometres to the southwestern direction from Paris.

What is the best time to visit Loire Valley?

The best time of the year to visit the Loire Valley is during the spring and summer seasons. In addition to getting a chance to see the blooming flowers and gardens at their best during these months, you can also explore the outdoors without any rush of tourist crowds and even head to the many castles to learn about the region’s rich history and heritage.

How many days do you need in the Loire Valley?

You need a minimum of 3 to 5 full days to explore the Loire Valley and see its towns, cities as well as the hundreds of castles, gardens and vineyards, among other attractions.

Does it rain a lot in the Loire Valley?

It does not rain a lot in the Loire Valley. However, you can experience mild rainfall in almost all the seasons of the year in the valley, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in the months from December to March.

Is the Loire Valley worth visiting?

Yes, the Loire Valley is surely worth visiting. Also known as the Garden of France, this valley is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and boasts of being home to around 300 different castles from the medieval and renaissance eras. In addition to that, the valley also boasts of many well-manicured and lush gardens and over 1000 vineyards, which are scattered throughout the different cities and towns located here.


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