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Chateau D'Amboise Tickets Overview

The Chateau d'Amboise tickets allow you to get a sight of the beautiful castle which was once the home of some of the most famous French kings and is now open to the public for tours. Several different types of Château d'Amboise tickets are available for purchase, depending on how much of the castle you wish to explore. The most popular option is the "skip the line" tickets, which allow you to bypass the line at the entrance and go straight into the castle.

Once inside, you can explore all of the main rooms and corridors, learning about the history of the castle and its former residents. The tour takes approximately one hour, after which you are free to explore the grounds at your leisure. The Chateau Royal d'Amboise is a must-see for anyone interested in French history or architecture as it is exclusively linked to the history of France and has been the place of some of the greatest incidents such as the renaissance, religious war and World War II.

Highlights of Chateau D’Amboise

Renaissance Architecture

The Chateau D'Amboise is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture, with its symmetrical design and ornate decoration. The castle's exterior is decorated with relief carvings of military scenes and mythological figures and the interior is just as lavish, with tapestries, paintings, and furniture from the sixteenth century.

Chateau D’Amboise Gardens

Of all the features of the Château d'Amboise, the gardens are among the most beloved by visitors. The chateau is surrounded by three different gardens, each with its own distinct personality:

  • The formal French garden, with its manicured hedges and perfectly placed flowers.
  • The more natural English garden, with its winding paths and wildflower meadows.
  • There is the kitchen garden, where fruits and vegetables are grown to be used in the chateau's kitchens.
Chateau D’Amboise Towers

The towers of Chateau D'Amboise are built in the traditional Gothic style, with three stories and a square base and are connected by a series of bridges and arches, which create a stunning effect. Today, they are open to the public and provide one of the best vantage points to take in the picturesque surroundings.

Saint Hubert Chapel

The Chapel of Chateau D'Amboise was built in the early 15th century and is one of the most iconic buildings in the Loire Valley. It is decorated with a number of stained glass windows and has a large organ that is still used today. The chapel also contains the tomb of the famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Tomb Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The tomb of Leonardo da Vinci is located in the Chapel of Saint Hubert in the chateau of Amboise. This is where he spent the last years of his life, and it is thought that he is buried here alongside his close friend and patron, King Francois I.

History Of Chateau D'Amboise

  • From Its Origin to 1431

Everard le Breton built the first castle on the site in the early 11th century. Around 1431-1435, Cardinal Olivier de la Marche, Constable of France, rebuilt the old castle in Gothic style.

  • In the 15th and 16th centuries

Charles VII and his wife Anne of Brittany left an everlasting mark on the Amboise with the construction of the 2 large cavalry towers, a chapel and two ceremonial loggias in the Amboise during their reign. 

  • 17th and 18th centuries

During the first half of the 17th century, the Amboise was used as a prison and many famous prisoners were held there such as Nicolas Fouquet and others. Afterward, the site was abandoned until 1860, when Napoleon III ordered a cleanup that revealed some Gothic features beneath later additions.

  • 19th and 20th centuries

The Chateau was bombed by the allies and as a result, suffered considerable damage. It was reopened to the public in 1946. In recent years, it has undergone extensive restoration work to repair the damage caused by time and weather and to restore its former glory.

Plan Your Visit To Chateau D'Amboise

  • Timings:

The chateau is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. The last admission is at 5 pm.

  • Visitors Tips

- Buy your Château d'Amboise tickets online in advance to avoid the queues.

- Allow at least 2 hours for your visit so that you have time to explore all of the rooms and learn about the history of the place.

- Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds - plenty of great spots for picnicking, with lovely views!

- Be sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes as there is a lot of ground to cover.

  • By car:

The castle is about an hour drive from Paris. Take the A10 motorway from Paris to reach the chateau. You can also reach the Chateau from your accommodation with a cab or taxi.

  • By train: 

There is a railway station in Amboise, with direct trains to/from Paris-Montparnasse (journey time around 1h15m). From the station, it is a 10-minute walk to the castle.

  • By Plane:

Tours Val de Loire Airport is the closest airport, located about 25 km from Amboise. From where you can avail the private transfer services to reach the castle.


  • Adapted toilet facilities
  • A convenient and accessible reception desk
  • Proper signalisation
  • Reserved parking facilities
  • Accessible restrooms
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Accessible restrooms


  • Cafes 
  • Shops 
  • Baby changing rooms
  • Picnic spots
  • Toilets 

FAQs of Chateau D'Amboise

What is the château d'Amboise known for?

The château is known for its architecture and design, considered some of the best examples of the Renaissance style. The château was also home to several notable figures in French history, including King Charles VIII and Leonardo da Vinci.

When was château Royal d'Amboise built?

The historical backdrop of the Château d'Amboise traces back to the 11th century, when the Count of Anjou built the palace on the promontory, looking over the Loire river, as a security strategy.

Is Amboise France worth visiting?

Yes, Amboise, France is worth visiting as it is a beautiful town with plenty to see and do. From its stunning castle to the picturesque streets and an elaborate history of the rulers and great literary writers the Amboise is incredibly great.

What is the best way to book Chateau d'Amboise tickets?

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to get your Château d'Amboise tickets, then booking online is definitely the way to go! Not only is it more convenient, but you'll also be able to snag some great deals.

What is the best time to visit Chateau d'Amboise?

The best time to visit the Chateau d'Amboise is from April to October because of the pleasant weather. But, these months are also the peak seasons because of the pleasant weather, so always book your Château d'Amboise tickets in advance for a hassle-free tour.


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